Friday, 1 June 2012

Penne with homemade Roasted pepper sauce (the easiest ever!)

I think I have told you earlier about J's love affair with Italian food. He loves his pasta! It's like his hummous withdrawal. He also gets 'pasta withdrawal' I think.
Most of J's colleagues at work, have rice for lunch and never fail to wonder how J can have pasta for lunch on most working days. He in turn wonders how they can have rice. You get the picture. He comes up with various versions of sauces, featuring sun dried tomatoes and pesto (A couple of precious bottles purchased from Chennai; sadly we don't get many gourmet products here), olives...the work. 
This recipe is ever so easy. The original doesn't have garlic in it. But I added some. Also I didn't have any thyme, so i added oregano and some chilli flakes for some zing!

Homemade Roasted pepper Sauce

What you need             
Red Peppers - 3
Red Onions - 2
Oil -  1 Tbsp
Dried Thyme - 1 Tbsp
Tomato puree' - 500g

Here's How
1. Heat oven to 220 deg C 
2. Cut the red peppers and onion into chunks and toss in oil and thyme; then roast for 30 mins until soft
3. Cool and then blend until just chunky
4, Stir in the Tomato puree, season and warm through (I heated a tbsp of olive oil, added around 3 cloves of garlic, chopped and dunked in the puree, followed by the pepper sauce and then seasoned it)
5. Cook your pasta as per the packet instructions, mix in the sauce and enjoy. J likes to add olives too!

    Recipe Source: BBC Good Food - India magazine


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