Thursday, 21 June 2012

Parippu Vada (Lentil fritters) - from the land where the rain is born..

Pitter-patter. It's that time of the year again!! That time when the heavens descend on my home-land...home-state, more precisely. This is the time of the year every Malayali (people from the state of Kerala in India are called Malayalis; there! I saved you a google search, in case you were planning to) waits all year for.

Find me a malayali who does not like to be home during the rains and I shall be VERY surprised. You get the picture. The monsoon lives in our hearts. It is part of our culture, childhood and our very hearts. I remember the years I was out of Kerala during monsoons, and thirsted for the sound of the rain, the coolness of the atmosphere, the smell of the soil and the warmth it brings to our hearts. It is pure joy to be woken up by the sound of rain the mornings
Schools here invariably open on June 1st. I remember not a school re-opening day, where mother nature hasn't drenched us in her glory. She arrives bright and early on the 1st of June, bringing joy to the soil, the trees and our hearts. ( What with global climate change things are sadly changing). But this time was no different thankfully. Schools reopened on June 4th; and mother nature changed her plans and arrived to drench all on the 4th!!!!!!
Parippu vadas feature in every monsoon season dreams. The sound of rain, the chill, hot tea and parippu vadas make a delightful combination. As I write this post, I'm listening to the sound of rain, sipping into my tea, savouring the last vada and feeling happy to be home - home in god's own country...where the rain is born.....

Parippu Vada (Lentil Fritters)

What you need
Kadala parippu/ Chana Dal - 2 cups
Dried Red Chill/ Vaatal mulaku - 2
Pearl/Small Onion - 10 (finely chopped)
Curry Leaves - 2 stems  (finely chopped)
Ginger - A small piece (finely chopped)
Green Chilli - 2 (finely chopped)
Salt - As required
Oil - enough to deep fry the vadas

Here's How:
1. Soak the dal for atleast an hour (2 hours will be better)
2. Drain it and grind in the mixie with the red chilli (Don't add any water). Grind coarsely. Do not grind it finely.
3. Now add the rest of the ingredients to this mixture and mix well
4. Take small portions, make a small ball, and flatten in it your palms. (Wetting your hands will do good, as this prevents the mixture from sticking to your hand)
5. Deep fry in oil and drain on a tissue
6. Best served with tea -YUM!!!


  1. Those paper boats remind me of my childhood... playing in the rain, competing with cousins about whose boat lasts long :)
    These fritters looks absolutely perfect for a cold, rainy evening!

    1. It did give me good company that evening with tea...hehe...Thanks spandana..

  2. I'm am sooo happy to know that you are from Kerala. I mean a malyali blogger who is actually in Kerala right now, that's rare. I love those pictures of rain, the boat and parippu vada... :)

    I didn't grow up in Kerala but you are so right that a malayali will crave to experience the rain in Kerala... I love the rains... to me it feels like Kerala only when it's raining...

    1. Hi Anisha..haha...I'm an endangered species..I know what you're saying...So glad to hear you like the pics. Even happier to note that you love Kerala more during the rains inspite of not growing up here! Do you have family here now?

    2. Endangered species... LoL... I live here in Cochin to be precise Perumbavoor with my husband and father in law. It was a conscious decision to live in Kerala since we my husband and I love Kerala. I grew in northern India and he grew up in UAE but we both have this special attraction to Kerala, it's greenery and the rains....:)


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