Sunday, 16 September 2012

Yummy Murukkus!! Fresh and homemade...'amma-made' actually. It has been a while since amma  made thse lovelies at home. This one is a wonderful recipe. 'Tried and Tested', of course! and the best of all recipes Amma has tried so far; good enough to be the only one to be repeated.
Amma pressing out the murukkus with the idiappam presser onto banana leaves

Amma finally made a batch to send to my nephew, who, needless to say, savours every bite. Amma makes it less often these days as most of us are favourites of LDL - C; only meaning to say we are on the higher end of the cholestrol spectrum; including yours truly...sigh!! 

That doesn't stop me from enjoying these though! tee hee! They taste as fresh and crsip and melt in your mouth with ease, something store-bought murukkus, rarely do.

Murukku dough

Murukkus pressed out on banana leaves to be slid into oil, in the background.

amma's murukkus, in my most favorite pair of tiny hands!


What you need
Raw Rice Powder (Unroasted) - 3 glasses
Besan powder - 1 glass
Kayam - 1 to 2 tsp
Butter - 2 - 3 balls of lime
Salt - To taste
Jeera powder - 2 tsp

Here's How
Make a dough with all of the above mentioned ingredients, using enough water (there's a photograph of the dough, if you scroll up)

Using an 'Idiappam Press' (String Hoppers), shape out murukkus onto Small oiled banana leaves/ parchment paper

Heat oil and deep fry

you can see the idiappam press in photo no 1, pressed-out dough on banana leaves; with amma pressing out dough in the background in the others

                                                                Recipe Source: Amma