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Swiss Roll - with Honey and cream filling and topped with praline

Swiss Roll is something most of us have been seeing in bakeries since childhood. A nice sponge cake with a jam filling rolled up finely, and cut into delectable pieces. The art, at least for most of us lies in rolling the delicate sponge to perfection. This time in addition to 'what to do'; I'll tell you 'what not to do'. (You're lucky I made mistakes, coz' now you don't have to...teehe)

Swiss Rolls, more popularly called 'Jam Rolls' in Kerala, it seems were introduced in the village of Kanjirapally here, as early as in 1931!!! (Wikipedia told me that you see). That reminds me, Kerala Bakers Association recently celebrated '100 years' of the opening of the first 'bakery' in Kerala. I obviously went for the 'cake cutting' (uninvited of course; unless you consider a public announcement in the state daily, as an unofficial invitation). I probably am one of sole reasons for quarter of the profits of a particular bakery here, whom I have been frequenting since childhood. 
Anyway, these swiss rolls, have a honey and cream filling. It's light,and allows you to enjoy the taste of the sponge as well, which I've often felt is completely overtaken by the jam. The rolls are then, covered with praline. Divine! It's easy to put together. You can make the filling and praline in advance, and do the sponge at the end. This is my first time with a swiss roll and I loved it. It is definetely not the best looking roll I've' seen, but it did taste nice and light. Do read 'what not to do'. You probably were never going to do it unlike me, but that section is for the benefit of the 1% like myself. 

What you need

For the Swiss Roll
Eggs -3
All Purpose Flour - 75 gms (sifted)
Powdered Sugar - 75 gms
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp 
Swiss Roll tin/ Rectangular Cake tin

Here's How
Break the eggs into your mixing bowl, add sugar and essence. Now beat well with an electric beater. Use the highest speed on your beater, and your egg mixture will puff up and increase in volume.
Now add the sifted flour and mix in gently till well combined. Pour this into your greased tin and  bake in a pre-heated oven (the recipe didn't mention the temperature. I baked it at 160 deg c)
Your sponge will be done in 12-15 mins
Once you take it out of the oven, turn  it over onto a tray lined with grease proof paper

For the filling
Cream  - 6 tbsp (50 gm)
Honey - 1 tbsp

Beat the cream for a bit and mix in the honey

Praline topping
Honey - 4 tbsp
Sugar - 4 tbsp
Cashew Nuts - 25 gms (Split/halved)
Water - 1 tbsp

Caramelize the sugar with the specified quantity of water. When the mixture turns dark brown, add the cashew nuts and stir well, pour the mixture onto a well greased tray. after this cools, break it into pieces and crush it in a mixer (Remember not to powder this finely, it should be crunchy)
Cover the surface of the roll with the praline

After the sponge is turned over onto the greased sheet, trim the edges of the cake. 
Spread the cream filling evenly
Now Roll the cake with the paper, away from you, like you would fold a mat. When you reach the end, keep it held for 10 -15 seconds so that it stays in place well (You could also place it on a tea towel and roll)
Brush a bit of honey on the surface of the roll and sprinkle the praline over this.
Leave it in the fridge to cool for a bit and cut into 1/2 inch pieces

What not to do
My roll tin wasn't greased well enough I think; I had a hard time taking the sponge out without damage. Grease your tin well; it would also help to line it I think
Also grease the sheet onto which you are turning over the prepared roll
Remember only to crush and not powder the praline. I was happily pre-occupied and powdered it ever so finely!!
Recipe Source: Ummi Abdullah ('Malabar Pachakari Vibhavangal')

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