Monday, 23 January 2012

Apple Slice - apples, crumble and a sponge!

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!!!

At home here, apples are always in plenty.  It’s just one of those fruits, which apparently doesn’t do one’s body any harm. Achan, (That’s what we call our fathers, this side of the map) has been advised ‘an apple a day’. No oranges and no bananas! My grandmother, who blood it seems on the sweeter side, has been advised an apple as well.  J tries to have one with lunch daily. And I‘m trying to see that lil’ K has an apple. A slice or 2 is all that I can seem to coax him to have!! Sigh!!

And, as for me, I had some sugary problems when I was pregnant with K. (Read gestational diabetes). So all the fruit I could have in the last trimester was an apple. Some really persistent Blood Pressure as well, meant no salt and no oil. Life was pretty bland.  It’s no surprise I suppose, then, that K loves bland food. He likes pasta, crackers, the odd muesli snack…Then I thought, looking at the brighter side, K would love apples, since I was having them in plenty.  Sigh again!!!
So then, the moral of my rather long story being…apples it seems are really good for you! So then, J bought a kilo of apples and a rather health conscious visiting relative got another kilo the same day, with very good intentions,  and unaware of the overflowing fruit basket. 

Our house did look like we managed a good harvest from the backyard apple tree (I wish! I saw someone on TV, shaking a healthy orange tree in their modest backyard, for a bountiful basket to make marmalade!), So then, anyway, thanks to the excess apples, I realized the recipe which has been looming in my mind for a while.

The slice has a sponge cake base, apples and cinnamon filling, and a crumble topping! YuMmMy!!!! Doesn’t it sound wonderful!

I found it is easy to put together and thought the apples could have used a tad bit more cinnamon. You could have it on its own, but J and I thought something’s amiss. 

So, then custard was made to give the apple slice company and it proved to be a wonderful partnership indeed!

Then they say…’If the doctor is handsome, keep the apple away!’…tee hee…

Recipe Source: Donna Hay

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