Sunday, 27 November 2011

The ‘NEVER-FAIL’ Chocolate Cake

Everyone needs a fool-proof recipe during one’s culinary journey. What one would call the ‘safe bet’, I suppose. And that is why I am starting off my venture, with something to satisfy yours and my craving for something sweet.  A recipe you can trust to work each and every time…Dear fellow enthusiasts…may I present…The ‘Never-Fail’ Chocolate Cake. The name is soo uplifting, isn’t it. That’s how we call it at home as well. 

This is a one-bowl Chocolate cake recipe; As simple as it gets.  A simple, lovely, chocolate cake. I make it whenever I’m pressed for time and a cake would be appreciated by my tummy and palate.(and of course..ahem.. family and guests..).

‘Simple sweet’ ; you know what I mean?  no frills or anything fancy. I don’t want to analyze anything, or wonder how one made it.  Amma used to make it a lot many times when we were young and when I started out with baking, this is what I made first.  Anchechi (my sister) and I used to love it as kids.  The results are almost guaranteed (the nature of ingredients and the oven performance barring)

This cake is perfect, if you want something simple and home-made.  We normally don’t do any icing or ganache on this at home. But, it would taste even lovelier if you would like to do so.  Let me know how you liked it. 
I know, I know, there are are few cracks on the surface...cracks come and go...the taste remains quite the same. Don't judge this book by the cover I say!!...enjoy! 

What you need…

1.       2 Eggs
2.       1/2 cup Cocoa
3.       1/2 cup Ghee or Butter
4.       2 cups Flour
5.       1/2 cup Curd
6.       1 tsp Vanilla Essence
7.       3/4 tsp Soda Bi-carbonate
8.       2 cups Powdered sugar
9.       1/2 cup Hot water
Here’s how..

  •  Put all the ingredients in the same order as given above (1-9)  & don't stir until the last ingredient is  added. (Could it get easier than this!!)
  • Beat well to a smooth batter & pour into a greased  baking dish lined with butter paper  (which is  smeared with butter & dusted with flour)
  • Bake at 180 Deg. Centigrade or 350 Deg Fahrenheit, till a skewer inserted in the centre of the cake, comes out clean

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  1. lovely start Amritha..herez wishing that your culinery journey will be as satisfying as a bite of ure never fail cake...all the very best and lovely pics!!!


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